Motorshow Pictures Part 3

And now, for the finale to the pictures from the KL International Motorshow 2006 at Putra World Trade Center.

She was the most hardworking of the car models, continuously moving and shifting position for the cameras.

I’m never bored of Ford. Make Every Day Exciting!

Left: She’s bored. Right: The most photographed Volvo girl.

The Volvo 3-Seat Concept Car had the brightest lights.

Bridgestone. No tires.

You want my contacts?

Nice ride.

Spot the ghost glove!

So when do we get to eat?

Psst. I smuggled some food in the glove compartment.

Groovy baby, yeah!

Naza Sutera Sports Concept.

I think we missed a turn…

Why were people complaining that there wasn’t a Subaru Impreza?

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16 thoughts on “Motorshow Pictures Part 3

  1. tIcKLe`Me Post author

    the groovy kangoo’s quite nice man. i saw it elsewhere and i went, "hey, i actually dont mind a kangoo like that". lol. 😛

  2. michele Post author

    hey hey hey … peacock 😛 eh eh how did you manage to find my blog? 😮 and yes i am an inactive blogger, trust me ya 😉

  3. Tracy Post author

    my gosh…i can’t believe every single one of those girls are skinny, fair skinned, have long hair, and leg to die for. by posting this up, you’re making the guys very happy and the rest of us ‘normal’ girls feel…well.. i don’t know about them but i’ll just stuff myself with some chocolat fudge.

  4. Albert Ng Post author

    Steph: Oddly, I didn’t think the 2004 Impreza was that attractive. Took a while for it to grow on me, as opposed to say the Mazda RX-8 which immediately grabs your attention.

    Becky: Unfortunately we didn’t take pictures with the Nissan 180SX. I like its old-schoolness though.

    Michele: I asked smashpOp, and he immediately recited your URL. 😀

    Tracy: That is not constructive. What you should do is put on a tights and a sports bra. Perhaps you might head to the gym.

    heck: You’re right. I have a lot of new pictures I am excited about, but I need to clear these out first. Heck, heck… I still have quite a buffer before some good funky bright colorful pictures come. I promise you won’t be disappointed. The blue lighting quite screwed up the colors, and adjusting Hue/Saturation helped somewhat, but they aren’t as vibrant as they should be. I might post a tutorial on the HSL methods I use, when I’m not so busy.

  5. Ehab Post author

    w00t .. look at those gurliz : p .. luv them .. damn .. long time havent seen those heheeh . . well . . one of ma fantasies. . givin ’em a full reveal ::::—-> threesome with japanese twins 😀 . . just like austin powers hahahaha

  6. tina Post author

    no boobs, no ass, uber meh?

    and i dun understand why the skirts are sooooo high!!!

    got nothing against these girls personally.. but.. blah

  7. Shaz Post author

    Albert…ur KL Motorshow pics are more focused on the types of girls they have there rather than the cars!!! cant even see the cars completely but the girls r there in the frame…dude… come on la… its "THE" kl motoroshow..

  8. Albert Ng Post author

    chez1978: I labelled some of the cars whattt. Don’t have to go techie about rotary 1.3 liter engines do I?

    Shaz: I LIKE GIRLS. Don’t you? Refer to Part 1 and Part 2 for 44 car pictures. (As opposed to 14 girl pictures.) When I purposely posted only cars, people were asking for motorshow girl pictures. So yeah.


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