Fourfour Me-Me-Me-Me

Hmmph I thought only active bloggers would get tagged and tag people.

Four jobs I would stink at:
Garbage collector
Public toilet janitor
Septic tank cleaner

Four pretend nicknames I�m making up for myself:
Glaring Notebook (after this I’ll make them up on the spot)
Purveyor Of Realness
Hair Guitarist

Four movies I have watched over and over:
School Of Rock
Transformers The Movie
Back To The Future
Shaun Of The Dead (I’ve seen this loads of times on ASTRO)

Four things I love to do on my weekends:
Date hot models
Watch free movies
Headbang to rock bands at gigs
Drink free orange juice (it’s good for you!)

Four things I could NOT live without (besides oxygen, H20, and miscellaneous life-sustaining substances):
My Nokia N70
An Internet connection of some sorts like 3G/EDGE over my phone
My wallet because it’s fat and keeps me warm
My pants. To quote Ron Burgundy from Anchorman, “Don’t act like you’re not impressed!

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to:
The Simpsons
Mr. Bean

Four of my favorite foods, partnered with people with whom I enjoy eating said foods:
Indomee, with William my mamak explorer
Cheese Naan, also with William my mamak explorer
Burger King’s Triple Whopper, with Shaz the chomper
Burger King’s French Chicken, also with Shaz the chomper

Four places I would rather be right now:
In her room
In the room where they have the keys to all the compartments of a Hasbro warehouse
In the room where they have the keys to all the compartments of a Canon warehouse
In the room where they have the keys to all the compartments of a Ford warehouse

Four people I�m mercilessly tagging:
Jude, my imaginary friend. He’s always bored.
Brandon, one of the voices in my head. Maybe it will get him to shut up.
The unidentified figure in my photos. What’s your nickname and why do you keep appearing in my pictures?
Nightcrawler of the X-Men. I mean, he could be anywhere, so where would he want to be?

7 thoughts on “Fourfour Me-Me-Me-Me

  1. Matthew Post author

    you are an active blogger so the reward is getting tagged! wahaha. so needless to say, i tagged you! check out my blog for more details! 🙂

  2. Ehab Post author

    hahahaha . . . the thing is ,

    *do you Get to date hot models 😀 ? *

    i have fantasies of dating asian 19 yr olds 😀 . .u know .. malaysian . . or japanese in this case. . .:D . .

  3. Albert Ng Post author

    yin: Okay, okay, technically not just on weekends.

    Ehab: As a matter of fact, I have dated a hot model who is Asian and was 19 years old sometime ago. 😛

  4. disco-very Post author

    how about we do a weekend one of these days, where i dress up like a model and be freeloading headbangers. i know that would so turn you on.


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