You got that right; it’s the fifth instalment. Guess That Trashcan!

As usual, first correct answer gets a free pimping.

18 thoughts on “T-R-A-S-H

  1. Will Post author

    This is a trick question. It’s obviously a lamp, not a trashcan. The picture is upside down.

  2. b4byhe4ven Post author

    ish a cup!! wif water!! reflecting d damn light on top of it.. haha.

    *diane has been here… tagged!! =p*

    p/s: where are my hoodie photos??!?!

  3. jen Post author

    i think it’s ur house/ikea trash can.. u just put a lamp inside or something.. and then u leveled or inverted the colours to make it super bright..

  4. smashpOp Post author

    strong wind blowing to my face
    feeling cold i sneeze n sneeze
    air is cool and there’s no haze
    where in m’sia do u get cold breeze?

  5. Grace Post author

    hahah Albert, you come up with the weirdest things! hehehe… pimp my trash can! it’s very lonely sitting under my table staring at my feet all day 😀 ahaha…


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