Star-Like Scene, Ma!

I was at KL Performing Arts Centre to buy tickets (turns out my BSN debit card only works for manual transactions, not online ones, so I had to go there) when I passed by Sentul Park, and lo and behold!

Starlight Cinema was back!

I went there just to ask the ticket price and a movie list… but the guy insisted that I enter. He then stamped me.

Tomorrow you come ah! Bring your girlfriend… no, bring your girlfriends!


Do I look like I have this amazing power over women? Do I look like I date models? I don’t even have a car!

The projector. You could see them loading in reels regularly. Quite fun to watch.

A panoramic shot, sort of.

I then went to the Walls stall to get an ice-cream, and the girls there seemed so eager to see me. They were kinda cute, too. Or maybe it was because it was the second night, and there were only 50 people on the field. However, I’ll stick with my inflated ego for the moment.

After watching King Kong for free (and feeding mosquitoes for free) I walked out to Jalan Ipoh. (Remember, I don’t have a car?) On the way, I spotted a snail. 😀

I then hailed a cab, and when I got in, I pointed at the CD player and said, “Eh, Cromok!

There is no better compliment to a mat rock taxi driver, to recognize his metal. He looked clean-cut though.

He then asked if I was Malay or Chinese, since Chinese usually listen to techno. I explained how I found the Cromok – Untitled album (2004) lying around the office, popped it in, and loved their thrash metal. I explained that I wasn’t Chinese-educated. I also justified that one of the members was Chinese and is now with a PR company.

Wah, ini lagu banyak panjang, sampai rumah pun masih main.” – me commenting on Dying To Live, the 11-minute song that was playing the moment I entered the taxi until I reached home.

Freebies. I only ever use hair gel when I get it free.

13 thoughts on “Star-Like Scene, Ma!

  1. Waifon Post author

    Free? Really? How? You watching Endgame is it? I really want to go but I have yet gotten my tickets.
    Have been so busy being busy and sick, it’s not even funny anymore. You think they still have tickets left? And the walk out of KLPac is torturous. Really long walk but the place is beautiful so it’s alright 😀 I took of my heels once and walk barefooted. They security guards thought I was nuts.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    yin: The main reason was to tell the story of the taxi driver. I always feel enthusiastic about taxi driver encounters that I have to blog about it right away. 😛

    BengHan: LOL. I imagine that King Kong would have twice as many reels. 😀

    ShaolinTiger: In retrospect, I should’ve turned on the AF-assist beam (I turn it off by default for candid shots.) I originally turned on macro but it refused to focus on it despite being more than the 5cm needed. Manual focused at 10cm and then 15cm, then plonked it near the snail, but I guess my estimation was off, but decided to continue walking anyway since there were suspicious-looking figures coming down my road. 🙁 Next time I spot a snail, I’ll turn on the AF-assist beam.

    Waifon: I have to watch it on Thursday, as I’m going to catch Cosmic Funk Express’ last gig at the Jazz Fest this Friday, and Shelley Leong at the Jazz Fest this Saturday. Sunday is fully booked. 🙁 You stand a better chance on other days.

  3. Waifon Post author

    What!? omg…I’m only free on Sundays 🙁 Oh, i’ll be catching Shelley Leong at PMK this Saturday too!but then I can’t watch Endgame. but I can’t go on Friday as well… a lot of work ZZZZzzzzz. I want Alda Tan 😀 😀 😀 Eh so how… I really want to watch Endgame 🙁

  4. Waifon Post author

    oh yeah! last gig too! Zack Kim is the new black. You should see the deluge of videos of him playing on youtube. his doreamon piece was so funny.

  5. BengHan Post author

    They keep on putting in the reels because they got 6 reels per movie, they don’t make one movie into one reel to prevent ‘pirates’. =p

  6. Fird Post author

    True about the reels. Even if in the cinema, you will see the projection will come from different holes every now and then, usually they switch at the scene cuts.

    Yeah, I looked at the projector room holes once a while :p


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