Sing A Song In KL

And now, for pictures from the 15th of July 2006 KL Sing Song performance!

Jasiminne sneaking up to Ariff Akhir of The Sofa Sessions, with Nicole of Rhapsody looking over.

Performers perform their songs in round-robin fashion, meaning they take turns to play one song each.

Ariff, with Lagu Malas.

…but really, he’s funny.

Gotta love the lights and smoke.

These colored lamps gave me a comfortable 1/13 to 1/40 seconds of exposure at ISO 200.

Broken Scar.

This time, the modern rocker performs alone.

Watch the orange explode…

Ywenna observes.

It is then Rhapsody’s turn to play, with beautiful jazz/soul/R&B melodies.

No nonono no no no nooo!” is one of her most memorable lyrics.

A candid moment as they remind the audience what their website addresses are.

The next three performers get on stage, including…

Meor the bare-footed busker, singing the gritty blues.

These feet were well-travelled.

Another well-travelled face was Pete Teo, acoustic singer-songwriter extraordinaire.

Once upon a time, he was a heavy metal shredder, but found acoustic guitars more challenging.

Check out his boots, yo.

Mei Chern had some songs of activist nature.

In the meantime, while waiting for their turn, they look pensive.

Pete playing a game of chess in his head.

This is how tall the stage was; long exposure, no flash.

The unspoken rule is that flash photography is not allowed when you have such bright lights on the performers, but one annoying n00b kept flashing, such that they made it a spoken rule during the intermission. Guess which one was the n00b!

Backstage, flash photography was allowed.

Joy Lee sook fun behind the video camera!

Original pictures are at Broken Scar‘s (so you can see what Photoshop can save from a noisy ISO 200 picture), with more shots at Jasiminne‘s. Also, a review for Xfresh.

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  1. Pinkfrog Post author

    Nice pictures!! I love the rays of light, it gives a fantastic dramatic effect.. I’ve linked you. Nice meeting you by the way. I’m looking forward to your pictures of cosmic funk express..


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