An Ode To Cosmic Funk Express, Part 1

Alda: We regret to inform you that this will be Cosmic Funk Express‘s last gig.

In times like these, they must put on their hats and carry on.

Their last performance was at the Sunrise Jazz & Rhythm Fest, August 4th, 2006. (They also performed last year and the year before.)

Howdy cowboy.

Alda has always been an entertaining bassist with stage presence.

This picture is so wrong. (Alda has a knack for standing on things.)

Alex Ang on drums.

This guy is a technical beat math whiz.

Izwin joins for the covers, including the very funky Incubus – Summer Romance. Yes, Cosmic Funk Express is otherwise an out-of-worldly instrumental funk/jazz rock band.

Savy is the often forgotten keyboardist, who joined for the covers. I did not notice if she played for all the songs.

I’ve been following Cosmic Funk Express since their first drummer, Elliot. I’m not sure if the first time I’d seen them play was at Shelley Leong‘s album launch. I mourn the loss of an amazing Malaysian band, who’d play Eric Johnson – Cliffs Of Dover when I shout for it. A band that would win a Battle Of The Bands. The first time I touched a Canon EOS 350D, I took pictures of them.

Please click on the links in this post, so you can see what my pictures used to look like. If you haven’t done it, scroll up!

Yeah, maybe you noticed that I introduced the band in alphabetical order – Alda, Alex, Izwin, Savy, and… and… Z… ZZZ. I gotta sleep man. Next update: The superstar of Cosmic Funk Express, and videos, when I figure out how to reencode them.

7 thoughts on “An Ode To Cosmic Funk Express, Part 1

  1. Pinkfrog Post author

    Shoot! Me too.. I have pictures of her but I didn’t know her name. Thanks a lot. Very nice pictures, as usual. You used a 350D for these? Cool! Should be taking at high iso with low noise. Sigh..I was stuck at iso 80. Maybe a star filter would complete the effect with a lens flare. Haha.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    Er no, I’ve only got to use a 350D at the Little Havana gig (linked where I mentioned it.)

    I intentionally reduced the flare using Hue/Saturation/Lightness. All shots were using either a Canon Powershot A520 or Panasonic FZ20, both at ISO 200. Most shots used Shutter Priority at 1/60 with -1 exposure compensation. 1/60 despite the OIS because I wanted frozen movement.

  3. Syakir Post author

    Yeah, one thing about CFE that doesn’t get mentioned enough is their drummers. First Elliot and then Alex. Alda and Zack take the band to the cosmos but the drummers keep the express steady on Earth.


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