Ban Dung

I had three objectives on my company trip to Bandung:

1) Find Krispy Kreme donuts
2) Find old second-hand camera lenses
3) Have Indomee

Krispy Kreme was only in Jakarta, so we had to settle for J.Co, their local variant. The donut I tried had softer bread and was sweeter. However, I later found out that Big Apple in The Curve is exactly the same!

Fred Flintstone’s favorite hangout.

Art students and their wall.

Action figures at least twice life size at Jeans Street. Collect them all!

You may notice that the pictures have different aspect ratios; some are from my Canon Powershot A520, because we tourists had been warned not to wield big cameras when alone lest we get cornered and robbed.

For real, yo!

Clothes are cheap, yes, but they’re not necessarily original per se, though the abundance of clothes factories there means the quality is comparable.

In Bandung, their philosophy is simple; you can get off anytime you like.

Even their pedestrian bridges reflect that. Just hop off if you decide that you don’t need to cross the road!

Most construction does not need scaffolding. Oddly, they don’t have roadworks, just buildings under construction.

Yep, everything is open and unprotected.

An Indomee stall! We paid about RM8 in total for three bowls of Indomee and three bottles of Teh Botol! This was the darkest, dinkiest place we could find in Jeans Street.

It tasted like the wet version of Indomee. I prefer the dry version, which some colleagues say they found. At least I didn’t bring back food poisoning, yay!

A rarity – a caged pet. Elsewhere, snakes and exotic animals are sold by the roadside, not in cages!

Always wanted a ninja?

Dinner at Kampung Daun. Spot the Adam C and Ean and Sham and Anu! I don’t know why I am leaning in when I know it’s my Peleng 8mm F3.5 circular fisheye!

I know what you’re thinking.

Waiting for the bus to bring us to the club. Yeah, we’re cool that way.

At Embassy’s first floor, they had a thriving music scene. The music was real; it was electro, trance with vocalists, and the deejay was really mixing in beats instead of playing track by track and transitioning them. It’s great that their clubs support live music, instead of just playing R&B hits to make tits bounce.

(Yes, I skipped bringing my Sony A100 for my tiny Canon Powershot A520.)

They even had dudes on laptops just to program…

A projection!

Towards 1:30am, the crowd died down, and you could see it was just them and their fans. Still, it was much better than the average crowd in Malaysia.

We even went up to the second floor, since we could get in for just RM10. Colleagues were hesitant at first, but when we climbed up the stairs, we saw lots of chicks queueing up to enter!

And so, we paid.

You know how it is that bad lighting makes people look better?

This was not the case; in fact, they looked worse. The only hot chicks were the guest relation officers who only surrounded those who opened bottles and had tables.

They conned us! They put hot chicks outside, so people would pay, expecting more chicks inside!

(And yes, I find the Indonesian intonation to be a turn-off.)

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