Whirled Canoe

Infrared shot outside my hotel window in Hyatt Regency Bandung. This place is hot and sunny, yes it is.

This is how you fly a kite.

Shady business.

No, not Tanjung Bungah…

I forgot to include this in the last set. There are buskers everywhere, and they come to cars waiting in traffic to play them songs. Except that these dudes actually alighted our bus.

They played Peter Pan – Mungkin Nanti. Good effort… if they didn’t forget the lyrics halfway through the song!

Another part of the itinerary was Tangkuban Perahu, a dormant volcano. We took a bus up halfway, and got on open-air lorries for the second half. If you thought Genting cabbies and buses were skilled, wait till you see these! In addition to the turns, they have stalls adorning the roads too.

Going up the turns.

Climb for a better view. Being a volcano, you’d think it would be pretty hot; that was not the case. In fact, it was chilly, because of the high altitude.

The village.

I overheard a tourist say, “Is that Linda Onn?

Yes it’s true, Ayu, you did look like her.


Our neighbors are pyromaniacs.

Yes, he was actually trying to sell dart guns!

Straight from the horse’s mouth.

Eruptions make for rocks.

Rock makes for an Eruption. (The pun would be cooler if there was a Eddie Van Halen Peavey Wolfgang somewhere there.)

Like a chocolate cone.

Infrared with my Canon Powershot A520!

The biggest crater of Tangkuban Perahu.

All that was left was some sulphur deposits. The gases kept rising and fouling the air, though.

Fisheye me and a really cheap jacket I bought in the shopping mall next to the hotel I stayed in.

smashpOp and the volcano. And maybe some sulphur release, too.

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6 thoughts on “Whirled Canoe

  1. Janice Depp Post author

    I really really love that shot with the kite in it, the sky is so beautiful. The last pic with smashpop looks like a "heroes" promotional still, hahaha…. smashpop is a hero

  2. Jen Post author

    gosh you guys got to see a volcano upclose! how awesome is that!!

    p0p had too much baked beans for brekkie. haha

  3. Matthew Post author

    cowok = lelaki

    my brother stayed at Salatiga for 3 months last year, so yeah, some of his Indon rubbed off on me, heh.

  4. Matthew Post author

    Most of your shots are awesome. My favourite’s this > ‘This is how you fly a kite.’

    Jadi ada berkenalan dengan cewek2 dan cowok2 di sana?


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