Bisa Kamera

In Bandung, Indonesia, food courts are surprisingly clean and have unsticky floors, despite how dinky the shopping mall is!

McDonalds serves meals with rice instead of fries by default. Their cups are also plastic, which is much better for takeaway as it avoids the paper base from melting.

A guitar shop in the shopping mall next to Hyatt Regency Bandung. Spot the Zakk Wylde Epiphone Les Paul! They also had tiny ukelele-sized steel-string acoustic guitars. I wanted to buy one, if only I had a hard luggage bag to bring it back with. 🙁

Soap Bubble Man.

Jonas Photo, in Riau Street. Half the shop was selling photo frames! It seems that the Indonesians are big on photo frames. Every other photo shop was occupied half by picture frames!

The other half had interesting gadgets, like the Lensbaby and Lensbaby 2.0. However, the price was much higher than what you could get online. They had them in Pentax, Canon and Nikon mounts, though an A-mount one for my Sony Alpha 100 could be gotten online.

I held the lens in front of my camera to try it anyway. I didn’t feel like it was that easy to get a strong effect despite tilting the camera up and tilting the lens towards the subject.

Lens prices were somewhat cheaper, but the warranty might be local; hence, it would be more worth getting second-hand old lenses that are sturdier with less internal components (in-lens stabilization, silent focus motors, electronic aperture diaphragms, which are all prone to breaking down.)

Railway blues. The tracks are not covered; it seems that the Indonesians are lightfooted and are able to evade death swiftly.


A man carrying his huge stash home.

Classic Rock Cafe. I wish I went on the 2:30am bus from Embassy Club to this instead; this was my kinda thing! I only found it the next morning while in Braga Street to visit…

Kamal Photo. They have such old gems! The Canon 50mm F1.2 FD mount (manual focus.)

I found a Tamron 20-40mm F2.8-3.5 for Minolta/Sony A-mount, which surprisingly worked with my fussy Tamron 1.4x teleconverter. It was new but its rubber grip was peeling from ages of being kept, I suppose.

I zoomed the Vivitar Series 1 28-105mm F2.8-3.8 lens all the way to 110mm at 1/10s (to test 4 stops of SuperSteadyShot) and got this crispy goodness. This was at F5.0.

I knew then, that I had to have this lens! This is not even a 100% crop yet.

I liked the gala night, as I could take pictures with random chicks, and dance with them too! The haze on top is some smudge I accidentally got on my kit lens.

Most other pictures will be omitted due to their incriminatory nature. I’m sure this guy doesn’t mind as he has already posted such pictures on his blog. 😀

(And yes, this was shot with my wonderful new 28-105mm F2.8-3.8.)

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