Sunrise Set

Uncle Albert, when are you going to update your blog with pictures from the Sunrise Mont Kiara Jazz Fest 2007?

Awww Ashley is so cute, how can I not update? Here’s from the 24th August 2007 night.

Ariff Akhir does not bite, honestly. Lagu Malas is an all-time favorite.

He got Jaya Satriani to shred for him!

…which makes Ariff’s usual folk and blues a little trippy.

And… well, it does seem like there is a shortage of bassists in the scene. Meet Alda the band slut!

Next up, in key and on key…

Arthur Kam & Vitalique!

Also featuring Elvira (also with Asiabeat.)

Drummers are usually hard to shoot due to insufficient lighting on them. 210mm F4 1/8s ISO400 with the Cosina 70-210mm F2.8-4. Heck, most of the shots in this entry are from that lens.

Are we brothers?” “I don’t know man, I got some complicated syncopated jazz bass passages to play…

Arthur Kam. For some reason I think jazz bands where the drummer is featured in the name of the band have a tendency to avert to fusion or funky jazz.

…and the winner for the lucky draw is… (note that wireless microphones will someday be powered by the Yellow Coverage Fellow.)

Sheila Majid ended the night!

Guitar and bass.

What percussive instrument do I hit next?

Sheila’s daughter comes on stage to sing (with her brother, too.) Plus awww factor!

She brought a massive crowd and I could see why; she had this warmth that spoke to every one of us.

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5 thoughts on “Sunrise Set

  1. CL TAN Post author

    Wow, how is cute little Ashley gonna cope with the bad words in this blog? KIDDING! 😛 I don’t think her parents see her old enough to let her use the Net.

  2. Albert Ng Post author

    CL Tan: I’m not sure you can even cope with the bad words on this blog! Her parents are the coolest rockstars ever. She rocks, too. Totally!

    KJ: Ooo I tak perasan!


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