Vote For Cleanliness!

I’m all for peace and harmony.

However, when you’re having dinner at a mamak near Paul’s Place and it gets raided and you get sent to a lockup too, you know that there’s something wrong with the people in authority.

When you get police knocking on your door and you so unfortunately know someone and you become the scapegoat suspect, you know you’re screwed the system is screwed (and it will screw you too).

Now if you’ve committed an offense, like driving under the influence of alcohol, and you get off with a lighter fine, that is corruption which does not seem so bad compared to people who have not done anything wrong who are thrown into deeper shit.

I’m a registered voter and I will vote. Even if the average apathetic Malaysian thinks there is no point, that everyone else thinks peace, I think that the people in authority should not be complacent.

Why bother? Not like it will change anything.

It’s that attitude that does not change anything.

I hope that the crowd who showed up for the Bersih Rally and braved the rain, chemical or otherwise, and the smoke, (from cars? Unlikely…) will do their duty. Shift the statistics. Show them that we care about where we’re going.

Azira and Su Ann, you guys are my heroes.

A question though: How does anybody know the true number of people who showed up? 100

8 thoughts on “Vote For Cleanliness!

  1. Nicholas.C Post author

    "If I must choose between righteousness and peace, I choose righteousness." – Theodore Roosevelt

    Often quoted, but it’s the exact oppersite of whats practiced by the goverment (and alot of people).


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