Pop That Cherry! Launch Party & Concert

1st May 2015: Pop That Cherry! Launch Party & Concert.

It was also Fabien’s birthday, but there shall be no pictures of him, since he went past his alcohol consumption threshold.

First band I managed to catch was the djentle Deumuseth.

8 strings of djent.

Vocals straight from hell.

Bullseye Pub & Restaurant shifted their stage to the other side, allowing for a bigger area!

The emcee.

Beatrice presents a dance!

To the sound of Marilyn Manson.

Pink Acid.

Awesome hair metal!

No life till leather!

Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, the works.

A little harmonica for Aerosmith – Cryin’.

Ending the night was the surprise acoustic version of Dragon Red.

Adam has always a commanding stage presence with his unique look. Sure, he’s got peak beard, but he does it better.

Camero on bass. Brandon took over drums, but went back to guitar for acoustic duty, as Amil could not make it.

Slyde had to go, so Adam did the rap bits and the deejay scratches, too.

Here they are, doing an acoustic version of their single, Child’s Play.

Funky helium balloons.

That big birthday card/placard.

Feedback Open Mic ft Brendan de Cruz & Castera @ The Bee Publika / April 2015 Edition

28th April 2015: Feedback Open Mic ft Brendan de Cruz & Castera @ The Bee Publika / April 2015 Edition. Here’s Reza Salleh, emcee, organizer, and first open micer of the night!

Next up: Tiah Ridhwani.

Backed by the megawatt-smiling Fazz on guitar.

Anatasha remembers me!

For that, I will remember you.

Middle Sons.

So I was taking pictures when I was interrupted by a challenger!

She was then defeated by this wanderer from Japan.

A wide-eyed wanderer, indeed.

Pictures above by Jia Wen, except the picture of Jia Wen, by me.

Yvonne flips her hair back.

Next band seemed to forget something. They Forgot Jasmine.

David Soh.

Mikael Ryan.


I was really drawn to the deep army green of this guitar!

Another draw – Illuminannnati.

First featured act…


Repertoire in Japanese.

Featuring two familiar sisters; Yvonne Chong…

…and Sharon Chong. Faz is hiding in the back.

Sharon was wearing a shirt with this cool design – you’ll first notice the triangle (symbol of the hipster), then the eyes below it, then the sideways mouth, then the V-neck collar he is wearing.


The Filters.

What is it with bands that can sit around and wait for their turn to get on stage but not think about tuning their guitars while waiting?

Brendan James de Cruz.

Awesome voice, awesome guitar.



Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Misgive & Isaac Ho / April 2015 Edition

14th April 2015: Feedback Open Mic @ The Bee Jaya One ft. Misgive & Isaac Ho / April 2015 Edition. Here’s Joanne & Julia, twins!

First featured act, Isaac Ho.

Debra Gan.

Second featured act, Misgive.

Celyane/Yen. This punk rock band normally is electric punk rock…

…but this time they travelled down to Kuala Lumpur, they went acoustic. This doesn’t stop Reen from giving an electric stare!

Cort hooked them up with acoustic instruments.

I have a fretless acoustic bass that has pretty much the same shape.

This is a real punk rock band, not pop punk, and I’m spinning the CD I got from them on repeat.

New band member, Sabby.

Reza Salleh, emcee and organizer.

Wee Ning, I think…

…and Esther Ling.

Amrita Soon & Sam Soon, sisters. Amrita’s on the 12-string guitar.

I forgot his name.


It was another early night, so Reza ended it with some covers.

All pictures shot with the Sony Alpha 99 and Sony Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F1.4 ZA SSM.

Panic Bird Is The Word

11th April 2015: Guiness Amplify Curates Froya’s Panic Bird Launch, at The Bee, Publika! Here’s the emcee.

First opening act, Rozella.

Her band.

Next: Jumero, featuring Jared…


…and Ryan.

+2db, with an alternate lineup, adding Ali Aiman and Eng Hooi. Eng Hooi has a thing for crashing the 2-member bands like Halfway Kings.

The songbird Froya!

Ivan on lead guitar.

Horn section.

She brought on Zalila, who was part of the early journey.

Melina, too!

Ann Na is all like pew pew.

If you’re wondering what’s with the noise – my Sony Alpha 7S was in repair and I had to make do with my Sony Alpha 99, which now feels dated at ISO6400.

Grace of Fazz and QG!

The Froya bunny. (Edited, thanks Melinya for the heads up!)

My tablemates won the rare USB drive edition of the album!

Moonshine: Spotlight ft Platform 11, Tempered Mental, Emperor Obvious & Blund / March 2015 Edition

26th March 2015: Moonshine: Spotlight ft Platform 11, Tempered Mental, Emperor Obvious & Blund / March 2015 Edition, at The Bee, Publika!

That’s right boys and girls, Moonshine is back! Albeit not on a monthly basis, and not at the regular spot, Laundry Bar. It has gone from starting at No Black Tie, to Laundry Bar, to this, then Laundry Bar again, and this place again. Here’s Reza Salleh, organizer and emcee, and the one all the bands thank for the longest running music show in the Klang Valley!

First up?


They show up at Feedback Open Mic a lot.

This time however, we got to see them play their originals. Pretty catchy and a bit more rocking out! Shot with the Sigma 60mm F2.8 DN on the A7S on forced full-frame mode.

Fariz Salleh handles the merchandise booth. Same combination as above. You can barely notice the vignetting!

My Sony Alpha 7S was having some problems with the rear screen not working, so I borrowed Tang Chun Cheuh’s Sony Alpha 6000 as a backup camera.

Paired with the LA-EA4 adapter and Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA, I got much more close up.

Back to the Sony Alpha 7S for a wider shot, of Emperor Obvious

…and tight drum shots with the APS-C crop of the A6000.

They play a tight mix of what sounds to me like post-hardcore, the kind that I like.

Then, to the next band, who is superb at setting the mood.

The atmospheric Platform 11.


Smiley Ken Chung!

A mix of Chinese and English lyrics.

Fortunately, I didn’t need to bump up the ISO much, so the A6000 wasn’t too noisy.

This, for example, was at ISO100!

ISO200! At 1/200th of a second, F1.8.

The A7S though does stuff like this, ISO40000…

…or ISO51200.

Final band of the night.

The progressive-ish alternative rock of Tempered Mental!

Jimmy’s drum dynamics!

Jack’s lick of destiny!

Melina’s thumping bass!

Hameer closes the night.

All shots have EXIF included, so you can figure out which is with the A6000 and which with the A7S.

Sony Alpha Super Workshop 2015

25th and 26th April 2015: Sony Alpha Sony Workshop 2015, at Syeun Hotel, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil (Clarke Road), Ipoh, Malaysia. The journey started at 6:40am, from Berjaya Times Square, where a bus picked us up.

First stop: Gua Tempurung, the largest cave in Peninsular Malaysia! Here we were raiding the armory, with an assortment of Sony Alpha A-mount and E-mount lenses. I saw one Sony Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 35mm F1.4 ZA being carried away – lucky photographer!

My first time in a cave, where I noticed the man-made walkway in, and the natural path below.

Another exit, akin to the movies, where you’d find the way out led by sunlight!

The interior was lit up with tungsten light bulbs and green lights.

A bit more to the left, you could see the ramp snake around the large stalagmite in the middle. I don’t know how it floats somewhat suspended with a space underneath, though.

Pass that, and the path snakes through this cavern.

Sony also brought some models for us to have portrait photography sessions with. I did not really bother with it, seeing the crowd of 200 photographers all clamouring for her eye contact.

On to the next one!

Spot #3.

Spot #4.

Nothing for the claustrophobic, as far as we went in, fortunately.

No physical climbing, either.

Some photographers managed to get the first model to climb up near the marble.

From the entrance, right out of a horror movie.

Outside, we had a tea break, and here was a guardian of a gazebo.

We then proceeded to a working quarry…

…walking past a former lorry.

I don’t know what this is and what it does, but as they say – Melentur buluh biarlah daripada rebungnya.

Briefing time with Mohd. Nazri Sulaiman.

Workers modelling for us.

We then walked down a little tunnel. The Sony Alpha 7S at ISO64000 1/80s F2.0 24mm had no problem here.

We reached Tasik Cermin (Mirror Lake), hidden in Gunung Rapat!

A still-water lake. I can’t tell from Google Maps whether this connects to a river outside, and whether this is a lagoon.

Outside, more stone-crushing!

We then headed back to the hotel for check-in.

After which, we got on the bus again, this time to Kinta Riverfront. Here you can see the assault of the i-City-like LED lights!

We shot steel wool with long exposures. Steel wool is lit up and spun around, with sparks flying out.

I didn’t bring a tripod, but lay the camera on the ground instead or on my knees.

The next morning, we were to head to Iskandar Polo Club at 6:30am to photograph horses in action. I overslept, unfortunately! So the next agenda was hotel breakfast.

Then, we got to see the results of Epson photo printers…

…as well as Eizo monitors, used for high-quality, accurate color.

The queue for a free SD card when showing your photos hashtagged with #sonyalphasuperworkshop.

All the talks in the ballroom (including some from yesterday.) Left to right, top to bottom:
– emcee
– Mr. Hatano Satoshi, Managing Director of Sony Malaysia
– Timothy Gan
– William Ooi
– Wong Mun Hoo
– Baron Abas
– Steven See, of MacStudio Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
– Jeffrey Ong of Epson Malaysia
– Fong Mun of Epson Malaysia

Finally, free and easy lunch, where I got my haircut at the New Star Salon, in the heart of Kong Heng Square, Jalan Sultan Yussuf (Belfield Street), by the dashing 75-year old hairdresser, Thiru. He used to be based in Star Air-Conditioned Hair Dressing Salon, which used to occupy an entire shoplot that is now occupied by Buku Tiga Lima, on Jalan Sultan Yussuf. Picture by Angeline Teh!

All pictures taken with the Sony Alpha 7S, with the LA-EA4 adapter to adapt my Sony Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24mm F2.0 ZA SSM and Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* 135mm F1.8 ZA, as well as the Mitakon/ZhongYi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 Dark Knight Pro edition, in native E-mount.

Feedback Open Mic ft Gentle Bones & Ariff AB @ The Bee Publika / March 2015 Edition

24th March 2015: Feedback Open Mic ft Gentle Bones & Ariff AB @ The Bee Publika / March 2015 Edition. Didn’t catch this performer’s name.

(Edited, thanks Cheryl!) Izza & Michelle. Everybody’s in purple, or rather what my infrared-modded Sony Alpha NEX-5 thinks is purple but is actually infrared. The flare is from the infrared pass filter, which blocks visible light from reaching the sensor but introduces this funky flare. My Sony Alpha 7S was malfunctioning and was left at home; my Sony Alpha 99 was not with me at the time. Thus I had to make do with this and the Mitakon/Zhong Yi Speedmaster 50mm F0.95 Dark Knight Pro edition.

So here’s one I can identify – Sid Murshid!

Cheryl on bass.

Fikri Azam.

Ariff AB, first featured act.



Second featured act, Gentle Bones from Singapore.

This is without the infrared pass filter.

Hence, more than just purple.


Debra Gan.

The Message.

Didn’t catch this band’s name, either.

Finally, emcee and organizer Reza Salleh.

OJ Law ‘Let’s Be Adult’ Album Launch Show

22nd March 2015: OJ Law ‘Let’s Be Adult’ Album Launch Show at The Bee, Publika.

The place was packed!

So I only came in after the starting acts.

So here’s the awesome pop-hook writer, OJ Law.

So awesome, he got Liyana Fizi to sing a song with him, Fantastic Adventure. That story is documented in the digital download version of his album, Yesterday Is A Distant Dream. When I first bought it, I was amazed by the bonus digital content – the vocal-only outtakes, the demos, the early versions, the PDF that explains how each song came to be with lyrics… and OJ Law’s version of Only One, which appears in Liyana Fizi’s album, Between The Lines.

That, I thought, was the way to go with digital albums. It is a superb example that sticks in my head till today. The digital album no longer comes with all these bonus things, sadly, but what he plans to do with it, I shall leave to him to publicize.

Also, Liyana Fizi said I was mysterious. I’m… just putting this out there.

Back when we both had long hair, we were often mistaken for each other.

I finally met the red-headed version of Bihzhu!

An Honest Mistake Records Presents: The Rock Show (March 2015)

19th March 2015: An Honest Mistake Records Presents: The Rock Show (March 2015), at Laundry Bar, The Curve!

Here’s the first band, AVG.

Awesome groove rock. Some riffs remind me of Marilyn Manson.

Simmy noted how interesting they were, musically, turning a drum beat around.

The frontwoman was full of energy.

Then came a thousand notes per second, thanks to Kelvyn Yeang.

He pimps his CDs with emcee Scott.

Another technically adept band was next – Black Lightbulb!



Ash. Yes, there’s a patch on Simmy’s laptop called Ashrock, another called Samsong, and Stars And Waves (which is her famed Celtic Wave song.) I also spotted Overture – Ethereal Mallets.

Hameer sings along.

Raja Farouque, king of the speaker stack.

Go ahead and jump!

Last band of the night.

The grungy Nervedeless!

That seems like a grungy guitar, too.

The mosh.

Ah, to have my hair long again for maximum rocking out.