Happy (belated) Birthday, Allison!

(Yes, recycled picture from Solve The Softie blog post.)

I think you know where this is heading. Yet another blog post with lots of pictures of one birthday girl. Here she is at our ex-colleague’s wedding, waiting for her prince to come.

…anyway, despite how much you bully us and make us want to slap you…

…you still throw nice parties, albeit all the way in Klang…

…With nice food and…

…salted butter. Salted butter! Yum!

Plus, your house rocks because it has an OSIM chair. The iMedic IV has one of my favorite programs and was the predecessor to the OSIM iDesire, which had my favorite neck-slapping sequence at the end.

Yes, I’m one of those shameless people who sit in OSIM chairs without buying them. Call me a connoisseur of massage chairs.

I spy.

I have to say what a photographic pleasure it is to have such white surfaces resulting in high-key-like photos.

And finally, for more geeking; I tap the AEL button on my Sony Alpha 700 to Spot Meter on the pillar behind Allison, before shooting. Shot in Aperture Priority at 17mm F4.5 ISO1600. The spot-metered pillar was 1/40s.

Yes, you can shoot with flash in Aperture Priority provided you lock exposure, to override the default flash sync speed and get nice ambient-light mix photos. Manual Exposure works too, but hey, if you understand what automation the camera gives you, you can work faster!

4 thoughts on “Happy (belated) Birthday, Allison!

  1. steph Post author

    He’s my senior who JUST graduated. A very VERY very nice guy ! 🙂 Btw, Alberto, my friend bought the T200 and she said it suck ! HAHA ! Seems the smile shutter doesn’t work ? LOL.


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