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Greed – Liar

Backstabbing brings you into another world
Stab and stab again
I’ve made up many insults to hurl
Cos’ I have many reputations I must stain
If there’s a rumour which you have just read
It’s big news because I helped it spread

So let’s fake it
Let’s make up something
Come on let’s all cheat
Let’s be misleading

Dare you call me liar
Your pants will burst in fire
Dare you call me liar
You tell falsehoods for hire

Although I would like a world of truth
It helps me to appreciate them who won’t be boss
But my friend, I’d rephrase my words to soothe
If I could make feelings to be for my cause
The only reason I’m pissed
Is I’m not as good as I was


All lies and I feel like I’m honest for the very first line
Told lies, my wrongdoings are covered up – the blame’s not mine (X2)

Chorus (X2)

Rewards Plenty – Bet

If I’ve lost again today
Tomorrow then I shall pay
If I get too poor resume play
The next round shall be okay
If I need some of your cash again
Give me more to fix this pain
When you think I’m going insane
I’ll grow cash using my brain

Shouldn’t be so complicated
Just gamble and then
Just gamble again

Can you help me to bet
I’m so sure that I will win
Though chances are quite thin
Soon dough will flow in
And this is how I have been
Hoping on my bet

If I couldn’t bribe the horses
I’ll buy and sell at boarses
Could you sympathize – my last shot
I know you think I win a lot
I started out clean just playing cards
With diehards
Learnt the game’s innards


Start bidding now
On soccer matches
Or on how the plot hatches
Place your bets now
Keep betting on until I’m completely penniless


Without ever winning
Hell, I’ll go try cheating

Can you help me to bet
I’m so sure that I will win
Though chances are quite thin
Yeah, soon dough will flow in
And this is how I have been
Hoping on my bet

If You’re From Above – Lucifer Modest

If you’re from above
And you gave me all your love
Would that convert me
And if all that you knew
Isn’t just about a few
Would you die to me
Hanging painfully

So who you wanna heal
Make friends with those who steal
Don’t you know you’re sharing with cheaters your meal
Show me who are you now cos’ I can’t picture you
And you refused to even play around or fool
You said that we could stay up there like eternally
(See that’s what you told me, that’s what you said)
And up there you rule
Over the whole wide kingdom, wow that’s cool
If you really are from above


You said you were his son
And you’ve never had some fun
And before you are done, you’re on the run
Since you’re positive, the mob you will forgive
That’s what I call true love – they get on your nerve, yeah
I know you were being persecuted
And you were not supported
(You were being muted and your teachings silenced)
So before you rise tears come to my eyes
You did this for our lies
Who could live your life but you

Chorus (X2)

Medicine Heaven Knew – Don’t Call Her Daily

Verse I:
You and her, you think that you are more than friends
And she likes you as though she likes split ends
But you, you think too much of one night stands
I’m here to warn you daily you two won’t be holding hands

Correct me if I am wrong
Your phone calls are really long
Don’t underestimate me dear
I’ll make you sorry you called her
You don’t answer any other phone call
For you she’ll never fall
Don’t call her daily

You got another phone call that will never do
I know who you’re trying to woo
It’s time you knew she feels uneasy
She’s not that crazy

Behind your ear grows green fungus
You chat even whenever you’re in unconsciousness
Without a call mmm you can’t survive
But didn’t momma ever tell you to hang up and drive

Verse I
Chorus (X2)

The Latchspring – Why Don’t You Drop The Gun

My friend’s got a handgun – he hates to mingle
He proves it everyday
He says “Man I’m really gonna kill people”
He says they’re gonna pay
They call him an ass, he prefers to be alone
He knows the rumours, the bad things they say
The name’s derogatory, said in a bad tone
Well my friend hopes they’ll decay

I won’t shoot, I won’t shoot ya – not yet
Now, now why don’t you drop the gun
Said don’t shoot, said don’t shoot, yeah, forget it
Now now, why don’t you let them run

I guess all his buddies
Well they aren’t enough
To keep those jocks from teasing his way
I guess all his homies
They got it a bit rough
Cause those girls got boys from E-Bay


Well I guess it ain’t easy
Shooting dudes in the hall, oh yeah
But hey man free shots just don’t come along
In a brawl


(Let me tell you about my hip, cool friend now)
My friend’s got a locker
Arranged in order
Hardworking, the teacher’s pet
He’s got more friends than you
Obviously now, that
Well my friend, you’d hate him too

Chorus (x2)

World Scam – Cold Sweat

O where o where can my car keys be
That kid took it away from me
He’s going to Vegas to spend all my wages
So I must stop him quickly before he does

He was out on his rounds swindling people’s cash
He gave his sales pitch in a dash
Dressed formally, greasy haired
Middle-parting, his forehead he bared
His rapid speech was his way to get rich
To him no wallet was out of reach
His babbling was repeating
The effect was hypnotizing


When you wake up you’ll realize something’s gone
You feel it’s light; you have just been conned
You’re missing your hard-earned savings
You find your fingers with no wedding rings
Enter your home to see an empty house
Wondering how just to tell your spouse
You search around for any valuables
You find nothing looking from all angles
Your knees tremble and you break out in cold sweat
You’re not insured how bad is that


Oh no (x4)

Backside Boys – Wash Your Body

Oh my god it’s back again
Brothers, sisters, everybody’s sick
We’re gonna bring the rain clouds show you how
I’ve got a question for you
Better answer now (yeah)

Is it polluted? (Yeah)
Is it unhealthy? (Yeah)
Is it bad for you? (Yeah)
Is it everything you never needed?
Wash your body now

Everybody (yeah)
Wash your body (yeah)
Wash your body, right
Haze is back, alright

Please don’t burn in open air
Spray water like you just don’t care
If you want a doctor let me hear you cough
Cause it’s got us gasping once again


So everybody, everywhere
Don’t be afraid, don’t have no fear
Gonna tell the world, make it understand
As long as there is burning
It’ll be coming back again


Slowball – Summer Holiday

They made up their minds – car was gathering dirt
They left before what they call break of dawn
They left behind their house with an unmoved lawn
But where were they going, forgot to bring a large wallet
They found a hotel – a five-star one, at least
They went in and ordered the largest feast
It was way too expensive to their dismay
Now where were they going during this summer holiday
Copyright Albert Ng 1999
Anyone can see the room that they rented is badly made
The folds and the creases, plenty on the bed
The pillows were missing, just outside thugs are racing
You can see butterflies and moths in the closet
The flush is smashed up in the doorless toilet
But they can’t complain cos’ the price was insane, insane
Copyright Albert Ng 1999
The children woke up with cockroaches on ’em
They heard a loud noise and then a loud wham
Saw it was room service keeping bugs at bay
Well what do you know, that just ruined their summer holiday
Copyright Albert Ng 1999
Chorus (x2)

Married in Brooks – Ways to Stop the Haze

I hate the haze today
It’s too thick to see
What lies so far away
It’s unhealthy
But you looked at me like maybe
It’s not bad for you or me
But I guess you’re wrong
Yesterday I coughed
Must’ve been in open air for way too long
I can’t understand why you still open burn
It’s not our turn
We can stop this too
Cos’ it starts with all of you

All I ask
Get a good mask
If you don’t you will choke on all the dirty particles
That’s polluting our air
You should dare, don’t just stare
Report open burning
You know, these are just a few ways to stop the haze

If you have gotta smoke
Laugh out loud like you just heard a funny joke
Like a thick fog
But it’s polluted air and it’s contributing to the smog
Don’t drive, take a jog
Whenever that you can
Don’t use air-con, use the fan
Where’s our clear blue skies
You may blame it on those
Forest clearing guys
It’s not all their fault
We point fingers at default


Just when you think you got it all cleared out
But seasons already changin’
You think you’re cool
You smoke you’re a fool
Instead you can car-pool


I’m choking
I’m gasping
I’ll be fainting
So you better not pollute
You know that it’s not good
Smoky factory chute
I just ain’t in the mood
You know, these are just a few ways to stop the haze

Woman Cheating – When You Do Nothing At All

All day long I hear teachers rattling on
Without memorizing the facts’ suddenly gone
Trying to hard to shove stuff in your brain
It’s too crammed – hurts so much oh, the pain

The frown on your face lets me know that you’re flunking
There’s a fear in your eyes saying you won’t be passing
Cos’ you are braindead – examiner says it’s your last call
You fail the test when you do nothing at all

Out of nowhere comes these boybands stealing your heart
You’re doing usual rounds – they’re in your shopping cart
They’re coming here? Or is it just your dreams
Life revolves around them so it seems

Chorus (x2)

You fail the test when you do nothing at all (x6)
The wrath that you faced, remarks from teachers
Social life erased, you’re grounded all your school years